ABS Plastic Hydro Carbon

Owners of C6 Corvettes who want to give their engines the look of carbon fiber at a budget-friendly price should consider hydrocarbon fiberglass/ABS plastic parts. Modern Gen Auto carries a large selection of hydrocarbon fiberglass parts that will give your engine the cool look that you want. 

Items such as dipsticks, intake covers and brake reservoir covers are among the many hydrocarbon fiberglass/ABS plastic parts that we have available. You can purchase these parts individually or invest in engine dress-up kits that contain many of the necessary parts for your project. There is no shame in installing hydrocarbon fiberglass engine parts and your engine will look very good after these parts are installed. 

You can be assured that parts purchased at Modern Gen Auto are excellent quality and that they will install perfectly in your C6 Corvette. We understand how much you love your Corvette and would never sell inferior products.