C3 Corvette 1976 Heater Wiring Harness For Car Without Air Conditioning

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Fitment: 1976
The original 1976 C3 Corvette's Heater Wiring Harness were made from inferior material relative to those available today. The biggest problem with those materials is how they allow for harmful, uncontrollable elements (oxygen, moisture, pollution, etc.) to pass thru and completely destroy the wires. In turn, this will cause shorts, malfunctioning gauges and will potentially result in catastrophic electrical failure.  If left unattended to for long enough the deterioration can even lead to electrical fires.

These replacement heater wire harnesses are manufactured in the United States with the very best materials available. They feature the correct wire type, color, wire gauge, striping, length, connectors and terminals. The terminals have even been dip soldered to limit the voltage loss from incorrect resistance. 

These wire harnesses are a must have for your C3 1976 Corvette. All of these heater wiring harnesses have been fully tested and approved. Trust the Corvette specialists and order your replacement today. 

  • Restoration quality reproduction wiring harness
  • Correct wire specifications
  • Correct OEM Terminals and Connectors
  • Fits 1976
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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