C4 Corvette 1988 Auto 2:59/2:73 Hypertech Maximum Performance Chip

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Fitment: 1988
This C4 Corvette 1988 Auto 2:59 / 2:73 Hypertech Maximum Performance Chip is a direct replacement for the stock chip in 1988 C4 Corvettes.

The Power Chip contains the Hypertech Power Tuning data that controls the engine's air/fuel ratio and spark advance for maximum power and performance, plus potential gas mileage improvements. Power Chips can be easily installed, using only hand tools. 

Street Runner Power Chips are designed for daily street driving or competition in unmodified vehicles using a stock thermostat.

Available for 1988 C4 Corvettes equipped with automatic transmissions.

Gears: 2:73. 2:59

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