C4 Corvette 1989-1996 Manual Transmission Clutch Neutral Safety Switch

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It is common for the original, stock manual transmission clutch neutral safety switch to stop working and start causing issues. 

When this switch no longer performs adequately, it can pose danger to you and your C4 Corvette. This switch is responsible for disabling the starter when the vehicle's transmission gears have not been engaged. Without a properly functioning neutral safety switch, your car would jolt upon starting your car because it would automatically be in gear once it is started. 

The jolt not only can cause an accident, but will also cause an enormous amount of pressure on all your C4 Corvette's engine bay components. This one, little switch has many tasks including acting as your reverse light switch.

This replacement switch for your 1989-1996 C4 Corvette has been manufactured to OE specifications meeting or exceeding factory production standards. Don't put your safety at risk; call Corvette Mods to order your new C4 Corvette Manual Transmission Clutch Neutral Safety Switch today.

  • 1989-1996 C4 Corvettes w/ Manual Transmissions

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