C5 C6 C7 Corvette 1997-2019 Shifter Housing Bushing Kit

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The OE rubber bushings on the 1997-2019 Corvette manual transmission shifter housing often fail after only a few thousand miles. The symptom is excessive or sloppy shift lever movement, difficulty in shifting, missed shifts and excessive vibration or rattling of the shift knob. Until now replacement bushings weren't available and the only way to remedy this problem was to purchase a complete shifter housing from GM, costing $300 in parts alone.

Our 1997-2019 Corvette Manual Shifter Housing Bushing Kit is the only correct and cost effective way to restore firm shift control to your C5, C6, or C7. Each kit includes detailed installation instructions and four bushings. Each shifter housing only requires two bushings so you will have a couple spares.

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