C5 C6 Corvette 1997-2013 PCV Oil Catch Can

C5 C6 Corvette 1997-2013 PCV Oil Catch Can

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Let this C5 C6 Corvette 1997-2013 PCV Oil Catch Can extend the life of your engine components. 

All LS based Corvette engines suffer from oil "blow-by" from the PCV valve. That oil vapor travels through the throttle body and creates an unwanted oil residue on the throttle plate, sensors, and intake manifold. That residue eventually degrades your spark plugs.

Avoid the blow-by and keep the engines internal components free that mess altogether with this oil catch can.

To ensure no frustration on your part, the kit includes everything you need to complete the simple 15 minute installation. 

  • Filter 
  • Clear catch reservoir 
  • GM trade tubing
  • Keeps the engine's internal components free of unwanted oil residue
  • 15 installation
  • Includes necessary parts
  • Increases life span of your spark plugs and sensors
  • 1997-2013 C5 C6 Corvettes 

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