C6 Corvette 2005-2013 Emergency Access System & Battery Charger Port

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  • Provides Convenient Connection To Power Door Locks When Battery Fails and You Don't Carry Your Key 
  • Handy Way To Connect Battery Maintenance System During Storage
The Emergency Entry Access System (E.E.A.S.) alleviates the problem of how to open your C6 Corvette if the battery is dead and your key is elsewhere. Some manuals recommend crawling under the car and running power to the starter. This can be dangerous or at best, very difficult. 

The E.E.A.S harness connects to the positive battery power port and to the factory ground stud. It contains an anti-short circuit, so power may only flow into the electrical system. It will not short out if connections are accidentally crossed, or if the positive clip touches a frame ground. The hidden power feed connections are conveniently located by the front grille area for quick access without lifting the vehicle. 

Simply connect a battery charger or another vehicle's battery to the harness leads, activate your door and you are in. Then, it's a simple matter to charge or replace the battery. This device may not be used to jump start engines. Order today and you may prevent a costly tow bill or electrical damage.

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