C6 Corvette 2005-2013

The C6 Corvette was introduced as a 2005 model. This was the first Corvette since 1962 with exposed headlamps and it would soon become the first Corvette with factory-equipped forced induction. The C6 Corvette was redesigned and re-engineered based on the very successful C5; as such, it retains the best parts of its predecessor and improves on them. It is smaller on the outside but has more interior room. The chassis is lighter and uses more advanced forming technology for additional strength. The LS-series engines were increased in both displacement and power - to 6.0 liters/400hp for the LS2 and then to 6.2 liters/430hp for the LS3, introduced in 2008. 2008 also saw the introduction of a new 6-speed automatic transaxle.