C7 Corvette 2014 CAGS Skip Shift Bypass Harness

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Fitment: 2014
This C7 CAGS skip shift bypass harness allows your Corvette to perform as a true sports car first, with no concern over gas mileage. 

The CAGS (computer aided gear selector) shifts your C7 Corvette from 1st to 4th under certain conditions for better gas mileage, sacrificing true sports car performance in its place. 

This ingenious skip shift bypass allows your C7 to perform like a true sports car by disengaging the CAGS system. 

This system is a simple plug and play installation and requires no permanent modifications. It is built with the resistance needed to eliminate any possible service engine codes that would otherwise apply. You can certainly up the fun factor in your C7 Corvette with this quick and easy addition. 

  • Simple plug and play installation
  • No permanent modifications required
  • Increases performance, bypassing the CAGS system
  • Eliminates any applicable service engine codes
  • Fits all 2014 C7 Corvettes

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