Cleaning & Detailing

Cleaner and detailing products for your C5 Corvette at Modern Gen Auto will allow you to wash your vehicle like a professional at prices that are far less than professional detailing services. 

Our extensive list of cleaning products includes aluminum wheel and billet polishing kits, exhaust tip polishing kits, the Muscle Mod polishing ball and auto-soap mixing nozzles. All of our cleaners are high end products that will get all of the dirt off of your vehicle and equipment such as the polishing ball and the Cham Easy drying tool will allow you to add sparkle to your vehicle. 

These are the same items that are used by professional detailers, so your C5 Corvette will have a showroom appearance after you use these tools to wash your car. We understand that maintaining the appearance of your vehicle is an important facet in Corvette ownership and aim to offer the best products available to help Corvette enthusiasts complete this task.
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California Dry Blade
Large Wheel Detail Cleaning Brush
$25.99  $22.99
Premium Royal Microfiber Towels
Microfiber Car Duster
Microfiber Cleaning Cloths - 32pc
Meguiar's Complete Car Care Kit
Wheel Brush
Lexol Leather Care Kit
DA Power System Tool
Boyd Coddington Tru-Coat Advanced Ceramic Coating System - 50ml
$109.99  $94.99
Attack Blue Filter Cleaning Kit
Zaino Brothers Pro Show Car Products
$35.99  $30.99
Bayes Premium Waterless Car Wash - 16 oz
$18.99  $16.99