Concours Detail Brand Premium Protection & Shine Car Cleaning Basic Kit

Concours Detail Brand Premium Protection & Shine Car Cleaning Basic Kit

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Corvette Mods is proud to introduce to you our all new Concours Detail Premium Protection & Shine product line.  All of our products are mixed using only the finest ingredients to guard your Corvette against the rigors of open road driving and harsh weather conditions. Protect your prize possession by using superior quality car care products.

With the Concours Detail Premium Protection & Shine line of car care products, your Corvette can look car show ready all year round.

The Concours Detail Premium Shine & Protection car care Basic Package includes EVERYTHING listed below:

Prestige Auto Shampoo
Don't just simply wash your Corvette. Wash and condition your Corvette in one easy step using Concours Detail Premium Protection & Shine - Prestige Auto Shampoo. With the Prestige Auto Shampoo, you can wash and condition the paint and finish on your Corvette in just one step without compromising your wax protection. The ultra-rich paint conditioners clear away debris to reveal the true color and clarity, leaving your Corvette looking radiant.  

Royale Quick Detailer
This gloss enhancing, quick detailing spray designed to deliver a static-free, mirror shine to your Corvette within minutes.  Use the Royale Quick Detailer lubricant to effortlessly glide across the surface of your car removing all the dust, dirt, fingerprints and smudges in just seconds. You can use it on paint surfaces, chrome, polished aluminum, stainless steel and glass. Not only is the quick detailer great at removing debris, it is also great at protecting your Corvette from harmful UV rays. The patented, wax free, formula is engineered to repel dust by reducing static cling by up to 80% and also works to bring back the luster in your Corvette's paint.  

Showtime Hi-Lustre Finish Wax
Another superior product in the Concours Detail Protection & Shine Car Care line. The Showtime Hi-Lustre Finish Wax utilizes mild cleaners, polymers, silicones and other patented ingredients to refine the paint surface after applying and leaving a durable, high gloss protection to your Corvette. the Showtime Hi-Lustre Finish Wax is intended to be used with a microfiber finishing disc providing a no sling, low dusting performance with a one-pass wipe off.

Microfiber Towel (Single)
These microfiber towels are strong enough to tackle all the dirt and grime build up but they are soft enough to not leave any scratches. They can be used on glass, paint, leather, plastic, vinyl, chrome and other metal surfaces. They are machine washable so that you can use them again and again. This towel will last several Corvette details.

Each bottle contains 16 oz. of detailing & cleaning materials.

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