Few things are as enjoyable as owning a 1984-1996 C4 Corvette. The Vette is America's finest muscle car, and has been for decades. Pay no attention to those Mustang and Camaro owners, for they know not of what they speak. Corvette owners understand that the combination of raw power, sleek design and general coolness is unmatched in the automotive industry, and nobody takes better care of their vehicles than the Corvette owner. If you own a C4 Corvette, you know that part of the thrill of Vette ownership is being able to open up the throttle on a clear stretch of highway and letting those horses gallop. To do this though, you really need to make sure that you have the best C4 Corvette electronics, because law enforcement is just waiting to pull you over and punish you for your love of speed. That's where Modern Gen Auto comes in. We carry the highest quality radar and laser detectors available today. Cutting edge equipment, designed to tip you off to speed traps, safety cameras and other "slow it down" situations so you can get your velocity on with relative impunity. 
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Curb Alert LED Indicator
$31.99  $26.99
Universal Rear Park Assist System
4.3 inch LCD Display Monitor
5 inch Digital Display Monitor
7.3 inch LCD Display Mirror