Engine Components - Power Enhancers

Whether you’re looking to get a little boost in horsepower or just use the best of the best parts, your 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler will thank you for looking through our Engine Components – Power Adders. Going through high flow oil filters to keep your engine lubricated during high RPMs to throttle body spacers to make more room for fuel air mixtures, these parts are of the highest quality to ensure that your Jeep is at the top of its game. Hit the road with confidence after browsing through ModernGenAuto.com
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Red Line Water Wetter
$12.99  $10.99
FAST 500 HP Inline Fuel Pump System
$472.99  $429.99
Holley Performance EFI Fuel Regulator
$334.99  $304.99
Holley Performance Electric Fuel Pumps - Flow Selection
$158.99  $144.99
Holley Performance Electric In-Line Fuel Pumps - Flow Selection
$230.99  $209.99
JMS Performance Dry Nitrous Kit
$1,368.99  $1,244.99
JMS Performance Progressive Nitrous Controller
$444.99  $404.99