C6 Corvette engines are the real deal when it comes to performance, but if you want to change out the original parts for lighter or more stylish parts, you can accomplish this task by visiting Modern Gen Auto. 

Our engine components include premium hydrocarbon stainless steel parts, 100 percent real carbon fiber and hydrocarbon fiberglass/ABS plastic parts. The materials that you choose will depend on your budget. The most expensive of these three classes of components is 100 percent carbon fiber, but when purchased at Modern Gen Auto, you won’t overpay. 

If you are not sure about the material type that you want to use for your engine, talk with fellow C6 Corvette owners or our experts to get their input. There is no right or wrong material but there are right and wrong places to purchase these parts. The right site is, of course, Modern Gen Auto. If you have questions about our carbon fiber engine parts, please feel free to give us a call.