Exhaust Enhancer Plates

Customized Corvettes look great on general principle, whether you're sitting still or driving past, but it takes a special conversion to bring out all the potential of a Vette when it is pulling away from traffic, as Corvettes are in a habit of doing. C7 Corvette exhaust enhancer plates draw the eye to the rear of the Vette with an added flash of chrome, a splash of extra color or a premium Corvette emblem. There are even exhaust enhancer plates with built-in LED lights that tie directly into the brake lights. Exhaust enhancers accentuate the form of the car and provide a visual focus to keep onlookers' attention on the rear of the Vette as you brake, turn and accelerate. With a carefully chosen exhaust enhancement, a Vette that might have been just a nice car becomes a showpiece. 
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