Exhaust Systems

The process of customizing a Corvette for performance can be approached in several ways, but one of the best is to upgrade the exhaust system. Like anything else, a car needs to breath. A C7 sucks air in through its intake manifold to use in combustion. Removing the waste products after the cylinder fires is the job of the exhaust system, and if it does not do it efficiently, the gasses that are left behind will impede the next round of combustion and keep the Vette's small block V8 from turning out all the power possible. 
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DEI Exhaust Wrap - Tan
$21.99  $16.99
DEI Pipe Wrap & Locking Ties Kit - 2in x 25ft
$46.99  $31.99
DEI Stainless Steel Locking Ties
Weld-On QTP Exhaust Cutout Y-Pipe - Size Options
$79.99  $64.99
QTP Exhaust Cutout Replacement Motor Coupler
$36.99  $21.99
QTP Exhaust Cutout Replacement Motor Kit
$86.99  $71.99