Exterior Trim

Replacing any of the exterior trim components on your C4 Corvette is going to be hard, simply because it's not just about matching the color and lines of everything to the original factory specs. It's really about matching it to the original factory specs as they've aged or the years, and that can be a real challenge.

The upside though is that it won't be a challenge finding the exterior trim parts because we've got everything you could need right here. At Modern Gen Auto, we've make it our goal to make finding the replacement parts and accessories you need as easy as possible. That means we've got everything from front spoilers, fiberglass roof replacements, drip moldings, and convertible tops to fender and bumper moldings, epoxy resin, roof latch trim plates, and door handles. 
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C4 Corvette 1984-1996 Coupe Rear Window Drain Kit
$29.99  $24.99
C4 Corvette 1985-1990 Complete Body Moldings Kit - 13Pc
$662.99  $602.99
C4 Corvette 1984-1990 Molding Nut Set - 53pcs
$19.99  $17.99
Stainless Steel Trim Hammer Tool
$34.99  $29.99
C4 Corvette 1988-1996 Outside Mirror Gasket
$32.99  $29.99
C4 Corvette 1984-1996 Replacement Tinted Door Glass
$224.99  $223.99
C4 Corvette 1984-1990 Side Fender Louvers
$159.99  $144.99
C4 Corvette 1984-1996 Factory Style Roof Panel Tool
$36.99  $19.99
C4 Corvette 1984-1996 Roof Panel Rain Gutter Molding/Trim
$46.99  $38.99