F-150 (2004+)

Introduced in the USA in 1948, the F-150 was originally known as the Ford Bonus-Built trucks because they were built on a dedicated truck platform, which was unlike the trucks that were built using car chassis before World War 2. The very first Ford truck was in 1917 and based off the Model T, called the Model TT. The cargo capacity was one ton, which was a lot back then. The F-150 is now considered the best selling vehicle in the US since 1986 and the best selling pickup since 1977. Currently, there are 13 generations of F-150's and we offer parts from the 11th (2004) onward. 

We work hard every day to bring you a large selection of parts and accessories for your Ford truck, along with apparel and gifts to decorate home, office, or just your garage. So, whether you need a new exhaust system, floor mats, or a decoration, we have you covered. Here at Modern Gen Auto, we’re devoted to helping you upgrade your car