Full 360 4 Camera Vision System - Requires Display

Full 360 4 Camera Vision System - Requires Display

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Full 360° Vision Systems, also known as Bird’s-Eye View or Surround View Monitor Systems, are the next step in adding useful ‘eyes’ around your vehicle. Full 360° Vision can help prevent accidents and make low speed maneuvering easier than ever before. This Full 360 4 Camera Vision System - Requires Display is ideal for drivers that want more visibility.

The system consists of 4 cameras (front, rear and both sides), a control module, and an included 2-button control pad. Once installed, the system becomes the ultimate aid for low speed maneuvering, especially in tight or crowded areas.

When you put the vehicle in reverse, you’ll see a rear camera image with park lines pop up alongside a bird’s-eye vehicle image. For a full screen rear view, simply press and hold the image view button.

When you put the vehicle in forward gear, simply press the image view button on your dash for a split screen view of your front camera and bird’s-eye vehicle image. Press and hold the button for a full screen view of your front camera. Press again to get a split view of the front and both side cameras.

Includes Calibration Kit - This kit includes a USB flash drive with required software, SD card, front and rear vehicle calibration banners, a calibration module, and harness. The calibration procedure requires access to a windows-based computer with an SD card reader.

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