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Give your car’s interior a new, fresh appeal with the line of Interior Dye products. To start this project, here are a list of products you will need to begin restoring/dying your Corvette interior.

Corvette Interior Dye Surface Prep, 16 oz. bottle 

Before your re-paint/re-dye your interior vinyl, plastic or leather surfaces, you must make sure that they are thoroughly cleaned. This prep spray is specially formulated to remove all oil, dirt, grime or any other contaminates that can prevent the dye from sticking to the desired surface.

Interior Dye Promoter Adhesive, 12 oz. spray

This promoter is intended for use after you use the Interior Dye Surface Prep. The Corvette Interior Dye Promoter creates a bonding surface to the primer to adhere to. 

Interior Dye Clear Coat, 12 oz. spray

After dying your leather, vinyl or hard plastic, you will want to protect it from harmful UV rays, scratches and rubbing. This Corvette Interior Dye Clear Coat will allow you to rest assured knowing that your interior is protected to last year after year. 

Corvette Interior Dye Primer, 12 oz. or 1 qt. spray

If you are going from a dark color to a light color, it is very important to use primer first. If you do not use it first, your results will not be an exact match. Use the promoter under the primer for a long-lasting finish. The primer can be used on all interior surface materials. For the correct color match, prime first.

Note: All of our interior dyes are interior color match that is high quality and true factory colors.

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