License Plate Frames

There are not many people who choose to keep the dealer license plate frame on their new vehicle after they drive off the lot and even fewer are Corvette owners. A great car like the C6 Corvette deserves a great license plate frame and you can find many styles of license plate frames at Modern Gen Auto. If your preference is for a basic frame without text, a carbon fiber or chrome frame may be in order. On the other hand, if you want a license plate frame that says “look at me,” we have a large selection of frames that look better than many passenger vehicles. For example, a C6 Corvette is one of the few vehicles on the road that can use an open end billet license plate frame and not look ridiculous. Modern Gen Auto is famous for providing many product options to its customers so you should have no problem finding a great license plate frame for your vehicle. Corvette owners in states that require a front license plate can use a manual retractable front license plate “Show N Go” plate that does not require the drilling of holes into your front bumper. With this system, you simply need to mount the bracket bumper on the front of the car. The frame slides out and flips up, making your car legal without damaging the front bumper.
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