Portable Detail Cleaning Brush

Portable Detail Cleaning Brush

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You wonÆt miss a spot when detailing your car if you have one of these Universal Portable Cleaning Brushes to get the job done. Not only is it a great detailing brush, it will also save your fingers and back from all the bending over and scrubbing that you would have to do with your traditional scrub brush.

Now you can easily reach all the nooks and crannies on your car to achieve a flawless, detailed finish. The 13ö brush can access and detail all those "hard to reach" spots such as the spoke wheels, engine bay compartments and wheel wells with a small gap.

Manufactured using soft Nylex memory bristles and a sturdy handle with a rubber grip for comfort, it is strong enough to clean all the hard to get brake dust and road grime. It is also gentle enough to not scratch the surface of your car.

More Benefits, Features & Information:

  • For use on wheels, engine compartments, between exhaust tips, in door jambs and where ever else you need to detail
  • Measures 13" long by 2.5ö wide
  • Also has a built-in knuckle guard to protect your hands while cleaning tight areas
  • The bonded vinyl tip protects it from scratching

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