Ramps & Blocks

If you are a C5 Corvette owner who has taken on the dual role of owner and mechanic, you will appreciate the quality of the ramps and blocks available at Modern Gen Auto. Using ramps and blocks during vehicle maintenance is a much safer method than using jack stands as ramps and blocks will allow your Corvette to remain level when raised. 

We have adjustable blocks, also known as wheel cribs, as well as blocks at a set height, giving you options as to the type of block to use. The ramps that we have available are designed for use with low clearance vehicles such as Corvettes and they are guaranteed to perform as advertised. 

We generally have a large selection of products in our various parts categories because we believe in giving our customers as many options as possible when it comes to shopping for Corvette parts. If you still cannot find the exact part that you need after reviewing our site, please drop us a line and we will work tirelessly to find it for you.
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56 Inch Two Piece Design Race Ramps - Set Of 2
$246.99  $224.99
67 Inch Two Piece Design XT Race Ramps - Set Of 2
$389.99  $344.99
Race Ramp Flat Stoppers
Race Ramp Roll Ups - Set Of 2
Race Ramp 6 Inch Trailer Ramps - Set of Two
$285.99  $259.99
Race Ramp Chocks - Set of Four
16 Inch Wide Restyler Long Race Ramps - 10Pc Kit
$1,728.99  $1,571.99
72 inch 2-Stage Incline Ramp
Pro-Stop Parking Guides - Set Option
$54.99  $49.99
Race Ramps 16in Restyler Magna Long Ramp - Red
$1,984.99  $1,804.99
Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks - Set of 2
$44.99  $26.99
Race Ramp 56in & 67in Xtender Ramps - Set of Two
$131.99  $119.99
Race Ramp Trak-Jax - Pair
Curb Ramp
$87.99  $79.99
Park Right Parking Stop/Parking Chock
$20.99  $18.99