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You typically cannot go wrong when you add polished stainless steel parts to the exterior of beautiful cars like the C6 Corvette and this statement is proven by the quality stainless billet and trim parts available at Modern Gen Auto. Many of these pieces are manufactured by American Car Craft so you can be assured of the quality of these parts. Available stainless steel billet and trim parts include grille screens, valance chrome trim, side grilles, billet chrome badges and chrome taillight bezels. Some Corvette enthusiasts believe in a less is more philosophy when adding stainless steel products to factory Corvettes but you really cannot go wrong or overdo it with these products. These stainless steel items are not gaudy and your C6 will look very good regardless of the amount of steel that you add to the exterior. In addition to being affordable, a great feature of these products is that they can be installed easily and quickly. Corvettes are meant to be driven on the road rather than placed on blocks in the garage as various modifications are being installed. Our products will get you back on the road in no time.
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