Stainless & Billet Trim Parts

The interiors of C7 Corvettes look good when delivered from the factory, but many Corvette owners prefer to add their own style to their vehicle. If you are a C7 Corvette Stingray owner who wants to update the look of your car’s cockpit, one quick, easy and affordable solution is using stainless and billet trim products from Modern Gen Auto. Stainless steel is traditionally a popular addition to Corvette cockpits and our line of stainless steel accessories are no exception. These parts include speaker trim rings and door sill overlays and are manufactured by the renowned company American Car Craft. Stainless steel parts add-ons from American Car Craft provide subtle, not flashy interior upgrades to C7 Corvettes and in many cases, these parts are installed directly over the stock interior features. You will not need to spend hours upgrading the cockpit of your Corvette with these products, allowing you to get back on the road quickly to enjoy your ride. 
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