Vac-N-Blo Car Vacuum - Pro or Pro Commercial Series w/ Multiple Options
Full sized Vac-N-Blo Car Vacuum

Vac-N-Blo Car Vacuum - Pro or Pro Commercial Series w/ Multiple Options

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Take your car detailing to the next level with this Vac N Blo Pro & Pro Commercial Series vacuums/blowers. Both vacs have awesome power and versatility because they're made from American made steel.

The Pro series is one of the original wall mounted garage vacuums and has 24 feet of hose. The motor is 4.0 Peak HP with a twin fan, has 11.25 amps, uses 1.35 Watts, and has 95 feet of water lift. So, when you want to get rid of water from your driveway or just blast the dust away, this easily converts into a blower. This has an optional mounting bracket add-on at purchase, which will help you store your vacuum safely and efficiently.

The Pro Commercial series is a mid-size vacuum that has all the features of the Pro, but the hose is car wash quality, 30 feet long, & crush proof. The power cord is 12 foot long and grounded, so you know you won't get a shock if the cord goes through water. Get this today for all your car detailing needs.

With the infiltrator adapters, you can blow away the dust from your electronics, such as disc drives, the inside of your computer tower, your keyboard, or the electronics in your car. The adapter narrows into millimeters so you can accomplish the job. It comes in two options - 3/16" O.D. inflator or the standard inflator.

Brushes, Nozzles, other accessories available for the Pro Series vacuum:
  • All American made steel
  • 4.0 Peak HP motor
  • 11.25 Amps
  • 1.35 Watts
  • 12 foot ground power cord
  • Converts into a blower
  • Pro has 95' of water lift
  • Pro is wall mounted
  • Commercial has 30 foot long hose
  • Car wash quality
  • Crush proof
  • Two infiltrator adapter choices
  • Optional package of 3 foam filters
  • Optional wall mounting bracket for Pro Series
  • Optional tool caddy - keeps your accessories together
Please use the drop-down menus above for your vacuum type, adapter, filters, tool caddy, and wall mounting bracket selections.

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